“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” – Aristotle.

Every action, every conversation, every moment is an opportunity to know thyself.
Be unafraid to call out the “pink elephant” in the room. 

The first step to change is awareness.
Be real with yourself.
We are but spiritual beings having a human experience. 

Click Here to listen to a 30 minute radio talk story with Michál Anna on Eila Algood’s “Women’s Voices.”

Health Inspirations

 We are Body, mind and spirit. The work must be done on all three.

Do you want to feel Alive, Vibrant, Full of Energy on a daily basis?

“May we move and groove, with joy and ease, in these vessels we call bodies” Michál Anna

Daily Mantras

 They work. Speak it and so shall it be. Use some of these or create your own, the key is; energy flows where attention goes. Put your attention on what you want.

Core wounds. We all have them. And we can reprogram them, through conscious awareness and action. You are not your story, you are the creator of it.

“Am I nothing but a transparent onion, peeling away the layers to reveal the brilliancy that rests within.” -Michál Anna


When you stand in your truth, you allow everyone around you the opportunity to stand in theirs.

A couple of my  favorite daily mantras:
Unattached and Amused.
Money comes to me effortlessly and frequently.
May I be a blessing today to all I encounter.

And remember the power of gratitude!
Give thanks often! For Everything!
It will change your life.

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