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Michál Anna Carrillo

Michál is a lover of this life, the ever unfolding expansiveness of deepening into the divine & experiencing joy on the planet.  This deepening has come from dedication to her spiritual path throughout her life, doing the work and facing the self. This “time put in” is what allows her to bring forth the gifts. Whether it be dancing, teaching, bodywork, spiritual/soul healing, directing or performing.

Michál brings the essence of love, connection & presence to her work in an authentic and real way, in turn, helping others to do the same. Healing & the performing arts have been a way of life for Michál since she was a small child. The fusing of the two, is truly what makes her sharing so unique.  Her gifts lie in helping people peel away the layers of the onion to reveal the brilliancy of that which lies within, while cultivating passion, self-love, confidence, acceptance & creativity. Michál has been a licensed massage therapist and energy healer in Hawaii since 1999.  Although she travels to various cities to offer healing sessions, do non-profit work and perform; Michál resides on the Big Island of Hawaii, where she has lived for the last twenty years.

Infinite thanks to ALL THAT IS.
Warmest Aloha.

Check out her various projects and work:

Lavaroots Performing Arts Website:  www.lavaroots.com

Lavaroots Performing Arts Facebook: www.facebook.com/lavaroots

Kissidugu Foundation Website:  www.kissidugu.org

Kissidugu Foundation Facebook: www.facebook.com/kissidugu

Michal Anna “Ormolu Puddin'” Album at: www.cdbaby.com/michalanna 


Photo by: Cylla von Tiedemann



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